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Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
31 August 2020 @ 06:10 pm
"You have reached Azula. Leave your message and I will return your call if I deem your message relevant. I don't recommend waiting."
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Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
08 September 2010 @ 02:01 am
Azula knew one of these days she would carry out her threat to drag Momoko from her room by the scruff of her neck. It seemed inevitable. What did surprise Azula is how Momoko managed to sleep all the way from her dorm room to the beach.

She found Momoko sleeping by her door already dressed. Azula did not waste any time and simply grabbed the back of Momoko's collar and dragged the girl away thinking she would wake before they even reached the beach. Momoko did not wake.

It was, in its own way, impressive. Impressively naive and stupid.

Awareness of surroundings was one of the things Azula was trying to drill into Momoko, clearly, Azula underestimated how unaware Momoko is about her surroundings.

Azula saw the waters crash against the sand and smiled. It was high tide today. She knew from experience how cold the water was. Azula let go of Momoko and the girl dropped to the sand, hugged a nearby rock and continued to snore.

"Time to wake-up, Momoko." Then with her foot Azula pushed Momoko. The girl let go of her pet rock and began to roll towards an oncoming wave.

(written with heromaniac and open beach is open!)
Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
04 September 2010 @ 10:26 am
The strains of O Fortuna could be heard coming from Azula's room. She's been playing music non-stop ever since acquiring them but of all the music Jono gave for her to listen, she liked O Fortuna best.

She reclined against her chair, so far this month has really been good to her the visit to that dark town had revitalized her in ways a long vacation could not. Mother hasn't even shown up to visit, a good indication of her mental health.

She has a student in Momoko and Jono… she's been making progress with Jono.

O Fortuna built up to its finale, Azula sat-up to change the music and on a whim checked her cellphone and blinked when the block letters announced she had a message.

(Open! And eventual linkdrop!)
Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
01 September 2010 @ 05:02 am
It turned out Azula didn't need to drag Momoko by the scruff of her collar, Momoko dragged her feet and muttered under her breath but Momoko followed along. Still, it was tempting to do so but Azula refrained.

"Start stretching," she ordered Momoko when they reached Azula's favorite part of the beach. This time the beach was not empty. In the middle of the stretch of sand was a drum filled with water balloons.

Azula retrieved a water balloon and smiled.

(For heromaniac, continuing from here.)
Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
Azula walked to the cove, feeling the sand shift under her boots. Yesterday had been a good day, the spar with Dinah relieved some of her restless energy. Today Azula decided to venture into the cove for some quality Firebending training except her mind decided it was also the best time to start playing tricks on her.

It started out as movements out of the corner of her eye but whenever she looked nothing was there. Azula clenched her fists and continued on, then the shadowy figures began their jeering laughter. She gritted her teeth.

It wasn't real. The shadows weren't real. They were just her mind again, playing tricks.

"They're not yours." Ursa appeared standing by one of the rocks.

Azula glared at her imaginary mother. "What?"

"The shadows," her mother said. "They are not from your mind."

Azula snorted. "Right. And I should believe you of course."

"Look." She pointed. Ursa didn't need to point, Azula already saw what she was pointing at, an unnatural darkness appeared by one of the rocks. "We should leave."

She didn't need to be told twice she turned and was about to step away when she saw the same unnatural darkness staining the ground. Azula cursed and backed a step. She looked around and saw a patch of sand free of the darkness. Azula took another step back to prepare for the leap and that was her mistake, unbeknownst to Azula the darkness had opened up behind her.

Azula only had a second to realize what was happening with widening eyes she was about to reach for something, anything except there was nothing to be done and the darkness swallowed her whole.

Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
06 July 2010 @ 09:24 pm
She was back on the island and not anywhere near the dorms. Joy.

Azula was getting used to Zuko's sudden summons but she didn't appreciate being ignored during the duration of her stay in the Fire Nation. She had almost no company but her imaginary mother.

Returning to the island was almost a relief except for how far she was from the dorms. She can march, run, and ride for long hours and even greater distances but that was wartime.

It was not wartime and she had luggage.

"Azula," her mother began, appearing next to her. Azula was getting used to that too. "What doesn't kill you--"

"Only annoys you." She finished, speaking aloud since no one was around to hear her. "You're not here to help. Go away."

The apparition of her mother sighed but she disappeared.

Scowling, Azula pulled on her luggage and began the march to the dorms.

(Establishy but open!)
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Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
09 May 2010 @ 01:15 am
And just completing the set...

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Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
26 April 2010 @ 01:22 am
It was going to be a fun day! She'd spent the whole day yesterday handwavily running around the island, Father didn't say anything to her but Azula knew she was here on a Mission!

She put on her boots, adjusted her shirt then grinned at the mirror, maybe after this Mission she could have a ceremonial dagger just like the one Uncle Iroh gave Zuko! She brandished an imaginary dagger around.

"Take that, filthy Earthbender!" Azula leapt back and pretended to spar with an Earth Kingdom soldier. She slashed at the soldier then jumped on top of her desk and laughed. "Victory! The Fire Nation rules all!"

(Open! SP all around!)
Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
20 March 2010 @ 12:24 pm
The door to her room banged open and Azula entered her room, angry. Damn Zuko and his unexpected summons. Agni knows how long she's been gone for and she's missed all her classes!

She tossed her satchel on her bed and resisted to burn something.

'I'm glad you're learning restraint, Azula.'

Azula glared at the hallucination of her mother, "Shut-up, mother."

(Establish-y but open!)
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Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
12 February 2010 @ 11:33 am
Sorry for Azula, Dani Reese and Irulan's sporadic appearances. My mom's been in and out of hospitals and getting wifi and free time is a little hard but hopefully next week things won't be as hectic.