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09 May 2010 @ 01:15 am
OOC: Ye Olde Infopost!  
And just completing the set...

Azula, Princess of the Fire Nation
The Firebending Prodigy
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • More character info here

  • Is a student

  • Has golden eyes

  • Still a Fire Nation Princess

  • Knows kung-fun Firebending.

  • Controls/creates blue fire

  • Is a sociopath, has no problems with that

  • Thinks Fire Nation is the best ever.

  • Still does.

  • Had a mental breakdown, is… not really all that better.

  • Sees her maybe dead mother

  • Her favorite colors are red, blue and gold

Detective Dani Reese
Fandom: Life

  • More character info here
  • It's Reese on the job and Dani off duty.

  • Works in the Fandom Police Station

  • Is tiny but she can kick your ass.

  • Is actually reasonable for a cranky detective.
  • Has a very dry sense of humor.

  • Doesn't like rich people and think most are crazy.

  • Inherited her partner's settlement money and now she's rich. She still thinks rich people are crazy. Including herself.

  • Has an ongoing 'secret' investigation looking for her partner and for her father.

  • Thinks Conspiracy Walls are weird.

  • She has a crime board in her locked study. It's not weird since its a crime board and not a Conspiracy wall.

  • Dani is a recovering addict and alcoholic.

  • Makes one of the best bitch faces ever. I should will get more icon space to prove it.

  • Is fluent in Farsi and speaks passable Spanish. Passable meaning, if she speaks more than a sentence you'll probably start cringing but you'll understand her.

  • Is very, very loyal.

  • Hates cats and kittens.

  • Her face shape is pinched ovoid. Don't ask.

  • Loves guns and coffee.

  • She also loves fast cars.

  • Misses her partner more than she misses her father.

The Imperial Princess Irulan Corrino-Atreides
Fandom: Dune/Children of Dune (miniseries)

  • More Character Info here

  • Irulan was a student in Fandom High.

  • Knows how to and is licensed to carry a gun but would more likely use a blade than a gun.
  • Irulan is stepmother to Leto and Ghanima Atreides. Leto just graduated from Fandom High and Ghani was a little behind Irulan in the timeline, to quote atreideslioness: 'Oh, Fandom Weird, how we love you.'

  • Irulan loves hats.
  • She owns and operates the local hat shop, The Imperial Brim.

  • There is a 90% chance that Irulan might give away the hats instead of selling them. She forgets that the point of a shop is to sell hats.

  • Imperial Brim is hiring!

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