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06 August 2010 @ 08:24 am
Serenity Cove / Thursday, August 5 / Late Afternoon  
Azula walked to the cove, feeling the sand shift under her boots. Yesterday had been a good day, the spar with Dinah relieved some of her restless energy. Today Azula decided to venture into the cove for some quality Firebending training except her mind decided it was also the best time to start playing tricks on her.

It started out as movements out of the corner of her eye but whenever she looked nothing was there. Azula clenched her fists and continued on, then the shadowy figures began their jeering laughter. She gritted her teeth.

It wasn't real. The shadows weren't real. They were just her mind again, playing tricks.

"They're not yours." Ursa appeared standing by one of the rocks.

Azula glared at her imaginary mother. "What?"

"The shadows," her mother said. "They are not from your mind."

Azula snorted. "Right. And I should believe you of course."

"Look." She pointed. Ursa didn't need to point, Azula already saw what she was pointing at, an unnatural darkness appeared by one of the rocks. "We should leave."

She didn't need to be told twice she turned and was about to step away when she saw the same unnatural darkness staining the ground. Azula cursed and backed a step. She looked around and saw a patch of sand free of the darkness. Azula took another step back to prepare for the leap and that was her mistake, unbeknownst to Azula the darkness had opened up behind her.

Azula only had a second to realize what was happening with widening eyes she was about to reach for something, anything except there was nothing to be done and the darkness swallowed her whole.