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04 September 2010 @ 10:26 am
Room 306 / September 3/ Evening  
The strains of O Fortuna could be heard coming from Azula's room. She's been playing music non-stop ever since acquiring them but of all the music Jono gave for her to listen, she liked O Fortuna best.

She reclined against her chair, so far this month has really been good to her the visit to that dark town had revitalized her in ways a long vacation could not. Mother hasn't even shown up to visit, a good indication of her mental health.

She has a student in Momoko and Jono… she's been making progress with Jono.

O Fortuna built up to its finale, Azula sat-up to change the music and on a whim checked her cellphone and blinked when the block letters announced she had a message.

(Open! And eventual linkdrop!)